U of S Authors

University of Saskatchewan Authors in IPORTAL
*Faculty/Staff Project Began January 26, 2009 (ID # 15157)*
Current to January 2011

How it is determined as to whose names get added here and exactly how to maintain the list are yet to be determined.

When entering an author, look to see if the item being linked to specifies what institution the author is affiliated with. In journal articles this type of information may be near the top or near the end, so check both areas. If the author has published while at the U of S they will need to be added to the list. Once an author is on the list they will remain there, even after leaving the institution.

Adding a name from the the drop down author list in the iportal admin site, adds a link on the public side to the library catalogue to examine any other works that may be there by this author. They are also then indexed from the iportal homepage under UofS Authors.

Abonyi, Sylvia
Aikenhead, Glen
Avery, Cheryl
Barron, Laurie F.
Bassendowski, Sandra
Battiste, Marie
Beatty, Bonita
Bell, Lynne
Berdahl, Rita
Bouvier, Rita
Brizinski, Peggy
Carlson, Keith
Carr-Stewart, Sheila
Chartrand, Paul
Coates, Ken
Code, Paget
Cottrell, Michael
Daum Shanks, Signa A.
Dickson, Geraldine
Dorion, Leah
Dyck, Lillian
Fagan, Kristina
Fichter, Darlene
Findlay, Isobel
Findlay, Len
Garcea, Joseph
Gaudry, Adam
Gingell, Susan
Hackett, Paul
Handy, Jim
Hansen, John G.
Henderson, Sakej
Howe, Eric
Hunter, Anna
Innes, Robert
Kovach, Margaret
Kulchyski, Peter
Kumaran, Mahalakshmi
Laliberte, Ron
Lee, Deborah
Legare, Louise
Longman, Mary
Macdougall, Brenda
Magee Labelle, Kathryn
Makela, Kathleen
McCaslin, Wanda
McNeil, Kent
Mehl-Medrona, Lewis
Meyer, David
Miller, Jim
Mitten, Rae
Monture, Patricia
Natcher, David
Newman, Dwight
Peters, Evelyn J.
Petrucka, Pammla
Poelzer, Greg
Poudrier, Jennifer
Rafoss, Bill
Roberts, Rose
Robertson, Elizabeth
Samuelson, Les
Settee, Priscilla
Sinclair, Raven
Smith, David A.
St. Denis, Verna
Tait, Caroline
Tough, Frank
Van Styvendale, Nancy
Vizina, Yvonne
Waiser, Bill
Waldram, James
Walker, Ryan
Weir, Warren
Wheeler, Winona
Williams, Lewis
Williamson, Karla Jessen
Wilson, Alexandria
Wotherspoon, Terry