Enter the title of the item (journal articles, theses, document, websites, other items etc.) using "Title Case" - first letter of each major word is in UPPER CASE.

  • NOTE: Articles (The, A, An) immediately following a colon will be capitalized. This is typically the subtitle of the title.
  • NOTE: The iportal interface will not recognized any punctuation when searching either the admin site or the public site. If punctuation is added the search engine will bring no results or incorrect results. LEAVE OUT any punctuation when searching!
  • Example: Shingwauk's Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools
  • Example: Talking with the Plow: Agricultural Policy and Indian Farming in the Canadian and U.S Prairies

Include leading articles (The, A, An). These are stripped out during a search but should be present if part of the title.

  • Example:The X-files

Follow the format used in subsequent parts when adding [Part One], [Volume One], etc. in brackets to the title when it does not appear as part of the title.

  • Example: Aboriginal Legal Theory and Restorative Justice [Part One] (no reference to part)
  • Example: Aboriginal Legal Theory and Restorative Justice: Part Two (with reference)

When an acronym is part of the title, include it as it appears in the resource with or without periods. Use an Alternative title to spell out the acronym in full when the full form is known but not if common in international usage.

  • Example: F.S. I.'s Bellegard and Sanderson Expose Fraud and Corruption in Turn of the Century Land Surrenders. (Use Alternate Title to expand Federation of Saskatchewan Indian's…)
  • Example: Talking with the Plow: Agricultural Policy and Indian Farming in the Canadian and U.S. Prairies. (Do not expand U.S.)

When diacritics appear in the title, refer to the HTML codes under the Technical Tip tab at the top of the page. When the list does not have an entity for your diacritic, notify your supervisor.
Check to ensure there are no trailing spaces or punctuation at the end of the field.

*Direct quote in a title (capitalization): #32473

  • Lengthy title (use of ellipsis): put in several lines and then use …. at the end of a natural break in the title. Can also be used for the middle of a long title.
  • title in 2 languages (parallel title): #35616 can use either a / (slash) or a = (equals sign)

*spelling error in title (use of [sic]) #36140 use alt title to spell out the corrected error in the title

*question mark (?) as part of title #37099

  • title entry for 2 chapters or 2 book reviews in one article or pdf, use a semicolon (;) after the first title with a space after and then the second title