SFX Available

SFX is a service purchased by the University of Saskatchewan Library. It allows an authorized Library patron to search for and retrieve articles from those online journals for which the Library paid an access fee. The links to articles are dynamic, meaning that the SFX software finds the article even if the URL has been changed by the vendor.

You will check the box if SFX is available for the article. Most articles will be available via SFX. This means they can be found with the use of SFX software and the OpenURL syntax which makes it more reliable in the long run than open access URL's.

When a visitor to the portal clicks on a link to an SFX available article, the program will automatically create this URL on the fly from the citiation information that is filled in.

How do you determine if SFX OpenURL is available?

  • Click the button "Find it!" This will open up a new window and automatically search for a copy of the article using SFX parameters.
  • Select the first service provider listed on the SFX screen. If it doesn't work, continue down the list until there is access.
  • If the page displays the full-text of the article, use this version to create the iPortal record. Review the citation information and update what you have entered in the iPortal record as necessary (e.g. add season).
  • If the article is not found (i.e. the result window invites you to enter an ILL request), do not check the SFX Available box. Re-check your article citation information for accuracy. If you are unable to retrieve the article, consult with your team members.

*vendors in SFX can be quirky and information in the citation may need to be tweeked to enable SFX to retrieve the correct article. For example, sometimes using [] in the citation paging information will not retrieve the exact article but instead will bring up the whole table of contents. Since we prefer to try to get users as close as possible to the exact article, we would remove the [] from the paging which enable SFX to work properly (NOTE: this is only an issue with certain vendors or journal titles). As well this can apply to issue numbering that spans consecutive issses such as no.3/4. Be aware that SFX may not supply the best results.