For licensed websites where we have paid access for our campus to use the resources (i.e. articles accessed through SFX), change the drop down box to "Restricted to University of Saskatchewan".

This field should be set to "No access restrictions" when the journal issues are available to the public (e.g. articles from Eagle Feather News or government documents)
When working from a University computer, it is not always clear when materials should be restricted or not restricted. You may find materials on the internet that appear to be open access but really are not. Often you might find a small notification on the page somewhere that the material is brought to you from the University of Saskatchewan. These items are restricted and should come via SFX. Because the vendor recognizes the IP address of the computer, it is automatically providing access to you. This would not be the case from off-campus so the materials should be restricted through SFX. The general rule of thumb is that if we have access through a licenced vendor we should restrict the record via SFX. Direct linking can cause problems and does not provide access to our link resolver institutions.
If in doubt contact the supervisor for clarification.