Publication Date

Complete this field with the information that is provided. For example, if you know the year, enter it. If you know the year, month and day, enter them all.

  • Example:


If issue covers several months use the last month in the publication date area.

If two years overlap use a " / " between the years.

  • Example:


If there is no publication date or it is not evident then use brackets with a question mark.

  • Example:

If there is a Conference held in 2009, but there is no publication date on the item, then follow this format:

If the decade is known, but not the exact year follow this format:

*If there is no indication of a publication date simply use a question mark:

***find AACR2 list

NOTE: sometimes finding a date for a website is difficult or trying to determine the date of an article found on the web. Websites often have a copyright date at the bottom of the page. If you can not find a date for a web article, you can sometimes find a date in the url itself that can be used with [].