How to Enter an E-Book

There are four types of E-Book Formats:
E-Books>Chapters (requires description)
E-Books>Documents and Presentations (any documents without an ISBN) (requires description)
E-Books>E-Books (does not require description)
E-Books>Restricted (does not require description)
What constitutes an e-book? General rule of thumb….If material has an ISBN, it is considered an ebook no matter what the length of the material is. ISBN's are usually found on the verso but can be at the very end of the materials as well. Any ISBN's that are determined to exist but are not found on the materials themselves are qualified with []. Some very old materials will not necessarily have an ISBN but are still considered ebooks. (for example, materials from the series Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History)

ebooks from the U of S catalogue: Any ebook from the catalogue that comes from a licensed vendor is restricted material. Link directly to the permalink from the catalogue record and NOT the vendor record! It will look like this:

ISBN's are input with numbers only, no dashes (EX: 0585198802).

The majority of the fields for E-books follow the same rules as Articles. Refer to those fields in the Article section of this Manual. Entry guidelines are that fields are input from the actual materials themselves as opposed to catalogue records or other introductory materials determined elsewhere.

Note that editors are generally not considered authors unless they have actually written materials (chapters, introductions) for the book otherwise they are contributors and the actually authors of the chapters are listed as the creators with the 5 limit rule using [et al.]

Be sure to add any series statements to the alt title field! Editors of the series are entered as contributors Ex: 64565

Open access items without an ISBN, such as government documents, organization papers, workshops, or conferences can be considered documents and presentations. For these we do write a description.

For government documents the format to follow, in terms of Author or Contributor fields will follow AACR2 Rules…Departments, Branches, etc.


1. There is no description made for e-books.

2. Be sure to add the ISBN for e-books, leaving out the dashes (—-). Don't use the catalogue for the ISBN. Refer to Global Books in Print.

Entering an e-book chapter: (resource type: E-Books>Chapters) examples: , 47812

It can sometimes be hard to determine if material found on the internet is a book chapter or a document and presentation. The biggest clue is the paging itself. A document will have consecutive paging from page 1 on…..chapters are from within the paging itself. If there is not information with the article itself, you will need to do some detective work to try to determine what book the material came from.

In the description:

  • "Excerpt from: [insert book Title and Author]"
  • in alt title field add the book title
  • need an actual descriptive synopsis of the material.
  • use isbn of book
  • categories must be relevant to the chapter itself, not the whole book