How to Enter a Book Review


• Open your browser, proceed as usual and go to the ADD LINK BUTTON
• Scroll down and change the resource type to Books>Book Reviews. NOTE that there is a difference between book reviews and book essays. Book essays are more involved and examine the books content in more detail. Book essays are usually considered as scholarly materials.
• Open a session of the U of S Catalogue


1. Categories [required]

• Often the best way to assign subject categories for a book review is to check our catalogue to see if we hold a copy of the book. If we do, use our subject headings as a guideline for assigning categories.

• For book reviews of works of fiction, no categories are added for subject matter. Only the category Literature and Stories, with the subcategory Literature is used.

2. Title [required]

• Usually the title of the book review is simply the title of the book, but there are some exceptions

• The full version of the title (including subtitle or other title information) should appear once somewhere in the record; therefore, if the full title appears in your title information, use the shortened version in the description field (see record 4074). If the shortened version appears in the title of the review, use the full version in the description (see record 2363).

• When transcribing the title of the book review, make sure you are not adding the subtitle because it appears elsewhere in the review

• If book review is displayed prominently, we include this as part of the title.
*Some journals put all of their book reviews on one pdf. Insert a note in the description: All books reviews on one pdf. Scroll to page ___ to access review.

3. Author [required]

• The author of the book review, not the book. The author of the book will appear in the description field.

• If the author of the review does not appear at the beginning of the review, it can sometimes be found at the end. Scroll through the review to check.

4. Description [required]

• Follows a standardized format, which is:

Book review of: <i>Title of Book</i> by [author's name]
Book review of: <i>Title of Book</i> edited by [editor's name]


Book review of: <i>The Roads of My Relations</i> by Devon A. Mihesuah
The description with display - Book review of: The Roads of My Relations by Devon A. Mihesuah

5. Restrictions [required]

• Whether access is restricted to the U of S or open to the public.

6. Publication Date

• Date the review was published, not the actual book.

7. Coverage

• If the book covers a particular geographical area add that information. Refer to Coverage link in the Article section of this Manual.


Multiple Book Reviews at One URL

Some journals do not provide separate URL's for each book review (Canadian Journal of Native Studies is a good example) so we need to group them together into one record. If there are more than three reviews listed we convert to this format:

Author: List only the first five Authors
Title: Book Reviews
Description: Book reviews of [6] books. (Then continue to enter the author & title information for each book on a serarate line.)