The creator field is populated by the one responsible for the "creative content" of the material. This information is taken from the original materials if possible (ex: title page of e-book, or from video itself etc). We only use information taken from a secondary source if that is all that is available and then it is highlighted by [] to indicate that it is not from the original material. For example if we added materials from another institution's repository, we only add the information from the institutional citation if we can not find anything on the material itself.
Enter the author when present in the item in standard form (do not invert the name).

Multiple initials are separated by a period and a space.

Separate multiple creator names with commas. Enter the first five authors at a maximum using the … [et al.] at the end.

If material such as an e-book has editors, they are added as the contributors and the first 5 authors of the chapters are added as the creators. Editor's are not considered as responsible for the creative content except if they have authored one of the chapters or a lengthy introduction.

Example: Laura O. Kowalsky, Marja J. Verhoef, Wilfreda E. A. Thurston, Don Smith, Joe Black … [et al.]

Omit ordinary titles such as Dr., Jr., etc. in the author's name when they are not usually used with the person's name. Autralian materials may also include titles such as Aunty or Uncle. These should be excluded as well.

Corporate authors are included in this field if they are the only author.

Interview format materials: include both the interviewer and the interviewee as creators.

U of S authors also have an additional field (personal names) that contains a list of U of S authors. Remember to select the appropriate author from the list.