Alternate Title
  • When a different version of the title is required, for, example, the title of the article contains a spelling error or alternative spelling (e.g. center or centre), an abbreviation, an acronym, etc., add this field to provide a search alternative.

  • A title that contains a numeric such as a Treaty number should appear in an Alternate Title to express the number in alternate forms.

Example: Treaty 6, Treaty Six, or Treaty #6 (may change with new system)

Example: RCAP, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
Example: Conference Titles (First Nations First Peoples)

  • The alternate title field follows the same format as the "Title" field.
  • Alt title field is also used for series statements, book titles for chapter entries, running titles, multiple separately titled entries in one pdf, or other collections

*ERIC documents, journals, digests:
ERIC digests are produced by ERIC so they should contain the id# as part of the alt title eg: Eric Digest; 348197
ERIC documents and Journals should have the id# as part of the comments section of the iportal record since this is really only an accession number for their own purposes.