Adding & Removing

Adding Categories

  • If you are adding a new article, locate it in a new web browser window. Look it over and think about where it might fit in the categories. Usually, a total of 3 categories (or less) are sufficient to add to each record. The iPortal supervisor will determine the final categories for each record.
  • "Drill down" to the level of category and subcategory that best match what the article is about.
  • Drilling down to the subcategory where you want to place the article automatically fills the trails in on the add form, saving you time should another subcategory be needed. Note that there is a "breadcrumb" indicating the category and subcategories that you selected, for example:

History - The Past > Fur Trade> Hudon's Bay Company

  • Add a link to the Hudson's Bay Company subcategory by clicking on the ADD ARTICLE button.

Removing a Category